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General College Information

The following are general college planning sites that offer college searches, financial aid, test preparation, and other resources: 

o - is an excellent site to compare colleges; provides test taking tips and practice questions

o - provides free online ACT tutorials and practice tests

o    USA Test Prep – excellent test preparation site

o – for student athletes

o  – for student athletes

The College Visit

  • Schedule a college campus information and tour if they are allowed and you feel safe doing so.
  • If you are very interested in a particular college, inquire about staying overnight in a dorm, meeting a coach or teacher and attending a class.
  • Prepare questions to ask during your visit such as class size, cultural events, support services for students, etc.
  • Make notes after your college visit about your likes and dislikes.

The College Application Process

1. Complete the transcript release form and return it to Mrs. Dover.

2. Apply online at the college’s website.

3. Use your credit card, check, or money order to pay for college application fees that can 
    range from $30 upwards. 

4. Be certain that you have informed Mrs. Dover and teachers in advance if you will need a
     letter of recommendation.

5. YOU are responsible for applying to college in a timely manner.

Helpful College & Career Websites

Financial Aid and Scholarships is the site for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is an application for HOPE scholarship, federal grants including Pell, and federal loans.  The application opens on October 1.  Please attend our financial aid meeting on September 27 at

6:00 pm with our guest speaker from the Georgia Student Finance Commission. for free scholarship and college search information.

School email: check frequently for new scholarship opportunities.

Financial Aid

HOPE Scholarship requires an academic GPA of 3.0.  Zell Miller Scholarship requires a 3.7 GPA with 26 ACT Composite or 1200 Critical Reading and Math SAT.

THS is hosting a financial aid meeting on September 27, 2021 at 6:00 pm for all seniors and parents with our Georgia Student Finance Commission representative. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about financial aid opportunities.

1. Free Application for Federal Student Aid – – can be completed online and submitted beginning on October 1. Have your 2020 tax returns and other pertinent information available as you complete it.  FAFSA must be completed in order to access the HOPE Scholarship and Grant.

2. Grant Aid, which does not have to be paid back, includes the Federal Pell Grant. The Pell Grant is based on need as determined by FAFSA.

3. Loans which must be paid back after a student leaves college include the Federal Perkins Loan and the Federal Stafford Student Loan. FAFSA must be completed in order to be considered.

4. Many scholarships are available by contacting the Financial Aid Office at the college or university the student selects.

5. Merit scholarships are those which are not based on family need. Students and families can find these using the websites such as posted on the bulletin board outside Mrs. Dover's office in addition to those sent to your school email.

8. Do NOT pay money to apply for a scholarship. It is probably a scam.


Military Career Options

 The Armed Services are one of the major employers in our nation. It is also an excellent source of educational training and preparation for entry-level jobs. Representatives from each branch of the Armed Services visit the school on a regular basis.  If visitors are not allowed, the military will send us power point presentations that we will put on our televisions during lunch or see Mrs. Dover for additional information.

Standardized Testing


Trion High School participates in several testing activities during the school year. These tests help with placement recommendations and indicate what the students have mastered during their academic classes.


The SAT and ACT are college entrance examinations. Most colleges and universities will accept either test.

 The SAT consists of two parts. The total score is 400 – 1600.  Evidence-based Reading and Writing section is scored 200 – 800.  Math is scored 200 – 800. 

 The ACT measures abilities and achievement in English, Math, Reading, and Science reasoning. The test is scored on a scale of 1through 36.  Trion High School students are often more comfortable with the ACT than with the SAT.

 The SAT and ACT are given on specific Saturdays from August through June. The student must register by the deadline dates and take the SAT or ACT during the spring of his/her junior year and again during the fall of his/her senior year.  Please refer to our website,, for specific dates or to page 16 in your handbook.


The PSAT is the practice test for the SAT. Designed for juniors, the test is given nationally on a test date in October. However, the Georgia Department of Education pays for all sophomores to take the test. Since the PSAT is also the test used by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation for awarding its scholarships, interested students must take the test again during their junior year to qualify.