Architecture & Construction: Carpentry

Career and Technical Department


Architecture, Construction, Communications, and Transportation (ACCT) program area offers students many opportunities to be prepared for their career future. Beginning with a challenging curriculum that includes relevant academic standards integration, hands-on projects for opportunities to master rigorous course standards, career related education availabilities, and certification options, students enrolling in one of the many Architecture, Construction, Communication and Transportation Career Pathways will graduate prepared for their future. The program’s classroom and laboratory experiences enable students to gain essential skills preparing them for careers in plumbing, carpentry, electrical, masonry, Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration (HVACR), aircraft support, flight operations, architectural design and drawing, metals, automotive service technologies, graphic design, broadcast/video production, and graphic communications. Architecture, Construction, Communication and Transportation students have the opportunity to participate in Georgia SkillsUSA, a co-curricular experience for students to further develop leadership skills, build relationships between academic and technical skills, and participate in state and national activities requiring higher order thinking and problem solving skills.

The first course is designed as the foundational course in the Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Masonry, Machining, Welding, Sheet Metal, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, and HVACR Electrical pathways to prepare students for pursuit of any career in construction. The course prepares the trainee for the basic knowledge to function safely on or around a construction site and in the industry in general and will provide the trainee with the option for an Industry Certification in the Construction Core.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Construction 
  • Occupational Safety
  • Carpentry, Electrical, Masonry, & Plumbing

Just a Few Projects Usually Completed in the Pathway

  • Built 2 saw horses

  • Built flood pallets for Advance rehab 8 total

  • Cut and finished 5 shelves

  • Installed rails and oak ramps on 15’ trailer for tractor.

  • Built and installed 10’ X 15” sand box at track field for golf team.

  • Built 2 portable pitching mounds

  • Cut out and painted 2 pitcher plates

  • Repaired possession arrow for TMS

  • Shoveled truck loads of sand and covered

  • Moved and set up ticket booth to include leveling and blocking up.

  • Jacked and placed 6 X 6 beams under 10 X 12 Storage building to prepare it for Gills to move to the Tennis Courts.